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Welcome to the EMPIRE ATTIRE Sponsorship program. You have been hand selected to represent one of the fastest growing fitness fashion brands in the world. Empire Attire is a brand that aims to redefine fitness fashion. It demonstrates a combination of power, innovation and style, through its ever-expanding social media presence and vision. To be the best.
We are a collection of the top fitness and fashion influencers in the world, at the top of their game, leading the industry by example. We strive to help others reach their own full potential and build their own empires.




Not only do we want the best of the best. But we want visionary’s, leaders, the people who are willing to do what it takes and want it the most! You need to share our vision, be driven, be committed, but most importantly you need to believe in yourself and what the brand represents.


  • EXPOSURE AND SUPPORT – Being an EMPIRE Athlete will give you exposure to the fitness and fashion industries. We re-post the best content from our top athletes on our athletes page, helping grow your profile faster. Exposure is offered through our website, social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email Campaigns and Facebook Adverts), and also our various marketing campaigns which run continuously year-round. You will also be provided with any photos or videos from the EMPIRE shoots you are asked to attend.

Finally, we have also created the Empire Athletes, Empire Women and Empire Fit Instagram pages @Empire_Attire_Athletes @Empire_Attire_Woman @Empire_Fit_ dedicated just to our athletes. This showcases the best Empire Athlete posts each week. The better your posts, the higher chance you will be featured.

  • TRAVEL – We look to take a selection of EMPIRE Athletes to fitness and fashion expos across the globe. All expenses will be paid and plenty of notice will be provided leading up to events.
  • REWARD – As an EMPIRE Athlete you will also be rewarded generously. There are four main levels that we offer. What one you start on will be determined by your following, engagement on Empire posts, and quality/frequency of your own posts. Typically, the levels are as follows:

LEVEL 1: 20% discount on the entire EMPIRE Attire range.

LEVEL 2: A £50 monthly clothing allowance, in addition to 20% discount on additional clothing over your allowance.

LEVEL 3: A £200 monthly clothing allowance, in addition to 20% discount on additional clothing over your allowance.

LEVEL 4:  A paid monthly wage, plus monthly clothing allowance. The amount of income paid each month will depend on your profile, content, engagement and online influence.

We actively encourage progression through the levels as we want all our athletes to become paid EMPIRE Athletes! If you invest in the brand and help it grow, we will invest in you and help you grow. It really is that simple.  We are a TEAM.
We want you to become the best in the industry, to grow with us, and have the potential to earn a great income whilst doing so. The only person holding you back is you!



  • ENGAGEMENT – All athletes should post across their social media accounts once a week (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). These posts should remain permanently on your profile and do not include stories. Alongside this, one post a week on your Snapchat and Instagram stories are also expected. Interaction and engagement are key to growing and becoming more successful. We expect you to interact with the brand as much as possible by commenting and liking on all our posts, along with sharing stories. Together we all grow.
  • QUALITY – We expect posts and content to always be posted to the best of your ability. Always attempt to portray the brand this way, incorporating quality captions.
  • REPRESENTATION – We are not like other brands. We DO NOT want our athletes to push the brand. We want them to OWN the brand. We believe our clothes speak for themselves, we therefore DO NOT want you to promote discount codes or want you to add anything in your bio about Empire. Your posts and engagement with our page will do the talking and we will assess them accordingly! We are a premium brand at the top of the game. We want your followers to WANT to wear the brand. It does not need to be sold to them. Just make sure we are always tagged in your photos and mentioned in the caption.
  • AVAILABILITY – From time to time we will hand pick certain Athletes to attend photo/video shoots and attend expos, both in the UK and overseas. All expenses will be paid, along with plenty of notice provided. We will always make our selection from the Empire Athletes that have demonstrated the greatest engagement and quality whilst representing the brand, regardless of their following. However, this is not mandatory and purely optional should our athletes wish to be involved.



  • How long is my sponsorship? Typically, we initially take new athletes on a three-month arrangement. However, following the initial three months we will then review your profile and contribution to the brand and extend it if necessary. The arrangement can be terminated by either party at a months’ notice. If for any reason we feel you are misrepresenting the brand, portraying a negative image, or are not fulfilling your obligations laid out above we will provide you with an initial warning and then further misconduct will result in you being stripped of your EMPIRE Athlete status and all associated benefits.
  • How will I get paid if I’m on a ‘Level 4’ paid sponsorship? Payments to all EMPIRE Athletes are currently made on the 5th of every month once we have had a chance to analyse the interaction and engagement from the previous month. We will make payment via PayPal, however bank transfer is also possible but not ideal.
  • How do I move up levels? There are four main levels that we offer. The one you are assigned too has been determined by your current following, engagement levels, physique and online persona. Further, as each week passes, we will be monitoring your posts (captions and photos) and will assess them on quality/frequency. In short, the better your posts and engagement are the higher the level and reward you will be on. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so we assess everyone individually. If you do the right things you WILL be rewarded.
Terms and Conditions
All photos taken by EMPIRE ATTIRE LTD as part of marketing and photo shoots are owned by EMPIRE ATTIRE and are the property of the company. However, they will still be available for your own use.