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Thank you for registering your interest in joining the Empire Attire sponsorship program. You are just about to join the team and therefore this page was written by yours truly. My name is Elliot. I am one of the brands founders and it is important that you know that I/we are delighted to have you on the Empire Team. We do not know each other personally yet but I want to thank you for your support. It is key for us to grow our family community and welcome hungry athletes who share our vision as this is central to our growth. So, before you commit, here is a little bit about us!


EMPIRE ATTIRE is a premium brand that blends style and performance for the sports/fitness industry founded by myself (Elliot Dent) and Daniel Thompson in 2017. We became friends in our late 20’s through similar interests. One similarity was our huge passion for fitness and fashion, so huge that we wanted to build an Empire to reflect it! We both had/have separate businesses within financial services which was another similarity. It was tough running these companies alone, but we were so passionate and determined to start a brand that nothing was going to stop us! We started in Daniel’s garage and now Empire is a globally recognised brand with customers from over 100 different countries worldwide. We exist to unite and make a difference. Everything is designed by us and made in ethical factories across the world and we are devoted to producing eye catching designs that are effective as performance wear as well as our commitment to the brands vision. But our BIGGEST commitment is to YOU because loyalty always wins.


As a result of our current presence, we started to receive a very high volume of requests to join the Athlete Program. We reacted to the demand in the right way and individually vetted each applicant to avoid any poor harmony. It is extremely important to have the right people on the team which is why I recently organised a select few members of staff to carefully consider and approach new athletes whose clear potential matched the brand criteria. And that is how you got here.  



Our recruitment is limited. We take on a select number of new athletes each quarter so please be aware that we have a limited number of spaces available. We've allocated you to one of these spaces so I hope to see your application hit my desk :)


If our Empire is right for you and with the above in mind, please complete your application below as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you sign up please make sure you confirm your subscription straight away via the email we send you, otherwise your application will not be received.

Once you've signed up and confirmed your email I will pick up your application and contact you with the next steps, usually within the hour. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR JUNK MAIL, just in case my email lands there. 





Please sign up to the Team by contacting me below.